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-Use quality raw materials, it is good for gardening and light industrial applications and the ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
-A special nitrile coating for the palm and finger parts of the gloves which makes your grip easy and at the same time maintain all tactile senses
-Abrasion resistance, durable, highly elastic, allergen free
-Knitted head sleeves, Anti-slip, Elastic knit wrist cuff is easy to pull on and off quickly and keeps out debris, snug fit, Long-lasting, durable and washable
-Resistant to many oils and chemicals, economical for everyday use
-Five finger flexibility, made with full finger mobility and can be used with your left or right hand. each glove contains a silicone non-slip grip to protect against dropping pans
-Comfortable ergonomic design –the Ronix grip slip resistant gloves fit into all fingers
-Perfect to work in almost any environment, because our nitrile coating is not permeable for dust or fluids

Safety First

To offer the most resistant and durable gloves, Ronix uses high-quality materials. Ronix RH-9010 Nitrile Safety Gloves are produced with a special nitrile coating for the palm and finger parts to make it easy-to-grip and more durable.  These highly elastic safety gloves come in different sizes ranging from 7” to 11”. Ronix RH-9010 Nitrile Safety Gloves are resistant to most oils and chemicals; this characteristic makes them ideal for different industrial applications.

Model RH-9010
Included Sizes
7" pairs
Polyester + Nitrile coated
Supplied in Ronix plastic bag


NITRILE SAFETY GLOVES, 7” ~ 11”_details


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