RH-2701 Cr-V 7Pcs Screwdriver Set

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-Multi-purpose use screwdriver set includes 7 sizes of slot and phillips screwdrivers which can meet various needs
-The rods manufacured from high quality CR-V steel which secures high performance in long-term usage
-High resistanace hardened tip ensures strength and durability
-Ergonomic crystal designed handle for comfortable grip and better control
-Magnetic head which improves accuracy and comfortable secure grip 
-Ronix professional handle design balances speed and torque in different kinds of fastening
-Black-oxidies tips for perfect fitting in the screw profiles

Variety of Size, Variety of Usage

It is a must-have item for any different toolboxes and workshops with numerous sizes. Any screws with their specific uses need a variety of drive sizes and shapes. With the slot and Philips drive heads in different sizes and normal rods with different heights and Christal handles, Ronix RH-2701 & RH-2702 Cr-V 7Pcs Screwdriver Set is the choice of anyone with any screwing needs. Their rods are manufactured from high quality Cr-V steel to secure effective performance and durability. The design of ergonomic anti-roll hex grips in RH-2701 and RH-2702 is a considerable option in these models among other Ronix Screwdrivers to deliver simple but efficient and high-quality hand tools to the operator. 


Model RH-2701
Drive Type Slot drive 
Tip Magnetic
Rod Material Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
Product Dimensions 6*386*1006*1258*1500*751*752*100

Detailed Description RH-2701 Cr-V 7Pcs Screwdriver Set

Tips & Rods: The high-resistant hardened tips are designed in both slotted (or flat head) and phillips (or cross head) drive shape and as a result, there will be more strength and durability. These black oxide tips also deliver a perfect fitting inside fasteners. On one the most highlighted specifications about Ronix Screwdriver Sets is the magnetic screw-lock system. The outcome of this simple, but wonderful feature is accuracy and comfort alongside with a secure grip. The magnetic characteristic of screwdrivers comes to the operator’s aid in both horizontal and vertical usages. The rods are normally round-designed and they are made of Cr-V steel. This kind of superior-quality alloy secures your hand tool’s high long-life performance.

Size: As mentioned above, Ronix RH-2701 & RH-2702 Cr-V 7Pcs Screwdriver Set come in different sizes. With these sizes, you can take care of assembling or dissembling your workpieces with any screw size for different gadgets, such as laptops, computer cases and monitors, cameras any other electronics or furniture. The slot drive and phillips drive types come in variety of sizes in the tip and length.

Handles: The handles are hex designed to bring a better ergonomic grip in the operator’s hands. These ergonomically designed Christal handles deliver an anti-roll grip and a better control during screwing functions, especially for long hours.

The sizes of all Ronix-designed Screwdrivers are precisely and specifically engineered according to the fasteners’ standards and any different worksite conditions. That is why our customers are completely satisfied with using any types of Ronix Hand Tools. Our designing goals are always parallel with the user’s needs operating all of our tools


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