RH-2906 Hammering CR-V 7 Pcs Screwdriver Set

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-Multi-purpose use screwdriver set includes 7 sizes of slot and phillips screwdrivers which can meet various needs
-The rods manufactured from high quality CR-V steel which secures high performance in long-term usage
-High resistance hardened tip ensures strength and durability
-Ergonomic crystal designed handle for comfortable grip and better control
-Magnetic head which improves accuracy and comfortable secure grip 
-Ronix professional handle design balances speed and torque in different kinds of fastening
-Hammering type for higher efficiency in tough situations
-Black-oxidizes tips for perfect fitting in the screw profiles

Impact & Torque Do the Trick

Of course, it is a matter of variety and quality when you are deciding on buying a screwdriver set for your tools box. Different sizes in phillips and slot drives, hammering handles, CR-V steel rods, magnetic black-oxide tips, ergonomic crystal designed handles, etc. are the specifications of Ronix RH-2906 Hammering Screwdriver Set. They must be enough for a must-have high-quality screwdriver you are looking for. The hex-shaped rods come in different lengths which facilitate the operations by putting on additional torque and leverage when the operator needs to use a wrench dealing with heavy-duty fasteners. The magnetic hardened tips ensure strength and durability. As it was mentioned, they come in a variety of sizes in length and tips. They are manufactured in the length range of 38-150mm and the thickness of tips is developed in different sizes from 1-8mm. Equip your toolbox with a Ronix RH-2906 Set and let them deal with the fasteners with no problem. The only things that matter in a professional screwdriver are durability and resistance which both are considered in Ronix-designed products. We won’t say more.


Model RH-2906
Drive Type Slot drive 
Tip Magnetic
Rod Material Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
Product Dimensions 6*385*1006*1258*1501*1002*1253*150

Detailed Description RH-2906 Hammering CR-V 7 Pcs Screwdriver Set

To ensure strength and durability of all the models of our Screwdrivers, the drive types of their high-resistant hardened tips are both slotted (also known as flat-head or flat-blade) and phillips (or cross-head). These black oxide slot and phillips drive tips deliver perfect fitting in any screw profiles. The magnetic screw-lock system improves accuracy and comfortable, secure grip on the head of your Ronix RH-2906 Hammering Screwdriver Set. It also helps keeping fasteners secure during horizontal and vertical usages. The rods are manufactured from high-quality CR-V steel which secure high performance in long-term usage. The hex-shaped rods enable the user to work on heavy-duty workpieces with additional torque and more force while inserting screws or removing them.

Whether your jobsite is “oily” and “messy” or you are just looking for enough comfort, we always find the best design for you. The handles are neither hexagonal, nor square. If you hold the crystal handle of a Ronix Hammering Handle Screw Driver, you will truly feel the difference in ergonomic design of it. This ergonomic anti-roll handle design delivers a comfortable grip and better control while working with these hand tools for long hours.

Imagine you want to undo “a stuck screw” inside a workpiece. You won’t need to apply a lot of pressure and torque to do it. A sudden twist might break whatever the tension is that holds the screw. So, just put your Ronix RH-2906 Hammering Screwdriver on the fastener, hold it firmly and hammer slightly on top of the handle. The impact design of the handle helps you turn the screw easily and break the bond. All in all, our “Ronix professional handle design” balances speed and torque in different kinds of fastenings if gripping is what matters more than other specifications in a screwdriver for you.

Ask any home-user or technician, “What kind of tools take up the most space in a toolbox?” With no doubt, all the answers will be “screwdrivers”. To do or undo any types of fasteners, there are absolutely no single or unique pieces of these hand tools to take care of any screws. So, that is why you have to go for a variety of screwdrivers ready at the jobsite whenever duty calls! Ronix RH-2906 Hammering CR-V 7 Pcs Screwdriver Set is the hand tools that will meet all your needs in any different operations and situations. By your friendly Ronix tool today.   


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