Ronix Belt Sander, 9103

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-1050W robust motor delivers a high material removal rate
-Ergonomic compact design with three position adjustable  handle for optimal handling and ensure comfort for user
-easy adjustable belt system keeps belt centred during operation
-Effective dust collection bag to reduce dust for a clean work place 
-Ideal for sanding larger flat areas and underneath edges on a range of materials from wood to metal
-Equipped with variable control speed and lock on switch

Fine Finish

Sanding machines are used to smoothen workpieces relying on the abrasion of sandpapers. There are different types of sanders, including belt sanders, random orbital sanders, and disc sanders. To choose the best option for your sanding projects, you should first learn more about all the different versions available. This article is dedicated to belt sanders that are essential tools for smoother DIY projects. 

Belt sanders remove some layers of wood, plastic, metal, etc., at high speeds. Equip yourself with it, and you can shape and smoothen any surfaces, do the finishing, remove paint and rust from metal, get rid of rough edges of a workpiece, and different level surfaces.

Ronix 9103 belt sander is the best in class. Its powerful motor delivers a high material removal rate that no imperfection can resist!

Model 9103
220 - 240V
Belt Size
Belt Speed
150-380 m/min
Supplied In Ronix color box
Includes Dustbag

Detailed Description 6402 Electric Sander

Ronix 9103 Belt Sander: Leave No Imperfections Behind!

9103 is a superb belt sander that makes disappearing imperfections look easy! The following paragraphs give you a clear picture of what this powerful sander has to offer:


Ronix 9103 is powered by a 1050W robust motor that delivers a high material removal rate.


It has a 76*533mm belt that sands at a 150-380m/min speed.


This belt sander has an ergonomic design and weighs 3.4 kg. 

Easy Adjustable Belt System:

Ronix 9103 has an adjustable belt system that keeps the belt centered during the operation.

Accessories and Packaging:

This sander is supplied in a Ronix color box and includes a dust bag guaranteeing clean operation.

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