Ronix Carpenter Pincer RH-1520

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-Constructed from Chrome Vanadium with wear- resistant & heavy duty design which makes it an ideal tool for pinching, cutting or pulling objects
-The cutting edges have been additionally hardened and have a high cutting edge harness for effectivecutting and longer lifetime
-High precision and smooth movement of the joint results in better and easier function
-Fatigue-free handle design for more convenient operation in long time usage
-Fit to match the needs in the shop, at Home or in the service field 

Nailed it!

Have you ever tried to pull a nail out and you ruined the surface? Have you ever nailed a wrong spot in woodworking and you couldn’t get it out? Well, by using the right tool you don’t have to sweat it anymore. RH-1520 Carpenter Pincer is an essential plier for all carpenters and woodworkers to pull the nails out without damaging the surface.


Model RH-1520
size 8 inch
Weight 0.2 Kg
Supplied In Ronix Hanger Card
Material CR-V

Detailed Description Ronix Carpenter Pincer RH-1520

Experience the joy of woodworking with the right tools. There are many woodworking and carpentry hand tools which you need in order to perform a mistake-free operation but some of them are really basic and important. Ronix RH-1520 Carpenter Pincer is a very simple yet must-have tool for all carpenter, woodworkers and whoever deals with woods and nails.

This tool has been designed and made basically to pull the nails and staples out of the wood plane without damaging the surface. Being able to do so is very important to many experts who want to have a smooth and nice finish of woodworking like cabinet makers and carpenters.

Hand tools are really important to many experts and they get used to work with them. That is why the durability and long life-span is important to professionals.  

RH-1520 carpenter pincer is made of chrome vanadium steel which provides durability and longer dependable use.

This pincer is not only for pulling the nails out, also the heavy-duty design makes this tool perfect for pinching, cutting and pulling objects.

Ronix RH-1520 Carpenter Pincer is a professional player in cutting games. The cutting edges have been additionally hardened and have high cutting edges harness for more effective cutting and longer life span. Better and easier function is the result of high precision and smooth movement of the joint. This feature allows sweat-free cutting and pinching operations. 

Carpentry and woodworking operation might be time-consuming sometimes and that makes the handles of this tool a very important part.

 Ergonomically designed handles on RH-1520 make a fatigue-free operation for its users.

Ronix RH-1520 Carpenter Pincer is designed to fulfill many tasks in many jobs. It doesn’t matter if you have a repair shop, own a garage, have a carpentry workshop or you want to use it at home, this tool is a must-have plier to have in your toolbox.   


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