Ronix Ceramic Cutting Disc RH-3533

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-Manufactured by advanced technology with full automatic machines which ensures faster cut and longer lifetime
-High quality raw material formulation of diamond tips minimizes the friction and delivers a faster and cooler cut
-Manufactured from high quality steel with bending resistance that secures durability and enables efficient cutting during high-pressure jobs
-High-performance diamond can extend the long-life and minimize the feeding rate
-Ideal for clean cutting in different kinds of ceramic tiles

Contaminate-Free Cutting with Excellent Diamond

Cutting discs and cut-off wheels come in a variety of different sizes and types in order to be applicable to various applications. Ronix uses advanced technologies and fully automated machines to guarantee high quality and long lifetime of its products. Ronix Ceramic Cutting Discs are produced in two different segment heights of 5mm discs and 7mm ones. RH-3530 / 3531 / 3532 and RH-3533 cutting discs are high-quality discs ranging from 115mm – 230mm in wheel diameter. All of these ceramic cutting discs are made from high-quality steel with bending resistance to be efficiently usable during high-pressure jobs

Model RH-3533
size 230x22.2x5mm
Max Speed 6650 RPM
Arbor Size 22.2mm
Tools Angle grinder, Tile cutters
Application Ceramic
Wheel Diameter 230mm
Plate Material Steel
Segment Height 5mm

Detailed Description Ronix Ceramic Cutting Disc RH-3532

To avoid the common mistake of choosing improper discs for your job, first of all you need to know that for varying applications there are cutting discs with unique characteristics. Ronix produces ceramic cutting tools in two different segment heights. Ronix RH-3530 to RH-3533 cutting tools are fabricated specifically for ceramic cutting applications and all of these discs have 5mm segment height. These high-quality ceramic cutting discs with their efficient cutting diamond blades are the ideal ones to use on porcelain, tiles and, all kinds of ceramics.

To ensure longer lifetime and clean cutting in different kinds of ceramic tiles, Ronix manufactures all of its cutting discs by advanced technology and full-automatic machines. These 5mm ceramic cutting discs makes the job easier for fabricators, welders and maintenance technicians to cut a piece of tile, ceramic or porcelain. Thanks to the high-performance diamond in Ronix ceramic cutting tools you can cut faster and cleaner without the need for bulky machines like torches and large saws.

Another important feature that should be considered here is the raw material formulation of Ronix ceramic cutting discs’ segments which guarantees their high-quality and enables them to deliver a faster and cooler cut in various applications. By the way, the superior quality of the steel used in Ronix cutting discs minimized the friction; so, the result will be a neat precise cut. These high-quality cutting discs with their 145 bending resistance are perfect for efficient cutting during high-pressure jobs.

All in all, Ronix ceramic cutting disks with 5mm segment height can be used for materials with soft and medium bonds including all types of ceramics, porcelains, marbles, granite, and hard clay bricks and finally is ideal for refractory applications. With the use of high-quality steel in their production, Ronix guarantees its ceramic cutting discs longer lifetime and superior performance. Also, cutting diamond blade is another considerable advantage of Ronix ceramic cutting discs for every fabricator or maintenance technician.

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