Ronix Cordless Spotlight-900lm 3.7v RH-4273

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For outdoor activities, camping, night fishing, car repairing, working on electronics, etc., you should choose an efficient rechargeable spotlight with a long-lasting battery.
Ronix RH-4273 is a professional LED work light that, in addition to lighting up the space around you, can also be used as a power bank for charging smartphones and tablets with a USB port. This high-performance work light has a 10W COB LED light type with 900 lumens. The power source of this product is a 3.7V/4400mAh lithium-ion battery that works continuously for 3 hours in bright mode.
With a lighting range of 30 meters, it has a handle that can be rotated up to 180 degrees, and you can adjust it in 6 different positions. The plastic body of this tool makes it lightweight and, at the same time, high-resistance and makes it easier to move.


- Professional LED work light equipped with high quality 10w  cob led which produce 900lm of brightness totally
- USB Powerbank function to supply smartphones, tablet PCs, measuring instruments or other USB devices with power (5 V / 1 A)
- Three different Brightness modes High/Low/Strobe for wide range application 
-Constructed from durable plastic to ensure lightweight and easy to carry or deploy
 -Portable LED work light provide with magnetic handle to fasten metal surfaces, put it on the ground and hang it up 
-Strong body with shockproof edge protection
-Equipped with 180°  Flexible carrying handle and  adjusting in 6 positions
-4-stage battery level indication
-Perfect for home, outdoor, Car repair, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, working on electronics

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Detailed Description

Are you thinking of buying a suitable spotlight for outdoor lighting, camping, tent, patrolling, hiking, night fishing, gardening, etc., and don’t know which is the best? Then, you need to specify what features you’re looking for.

What Features should you look for in a Cordless Spotlight?

Durable battery, high brightness, and a reasonable balance between portability and exposure! With Ronix’s rechargeable book spotlight model RH-4273, see everywhere like a clear day!


The Ronix RH-4273 Cordless Spotlight works with a 3.7V power source and light type of Cob-led 10W. It can illuminate any area up to 30m range. The Top Max Flux of the spotlight is 900 Lumens and provides three High/Low/Strobe brightness modes. Color temperature (or CCT) is a gauge of how yellow or blue the color of light emitted from a light bulb appears. The Ronix RH-4273 spotlight’s CCT is 7000-8000K (cool white).

Body and Switches:

This cordless spotlight is constructed from durable plastic (Nylon+TPE) to ensure lightweight and easy to carry or deploy. It has a strong body with shockproof edge protection. It is equipped with a 180° flexible carrying handle with Nylon+TPE cover material, adjusting in 6 positions. This portable LED work light provides a magnetic handle to fasten metal surfaces, put it on the ground and hang it up. RH-4273 has 435g weight and 40*120*170 mm dimensions.


The degree of protection in work lights is determined by IP (Ingress Protection) unit. The first number after IP shows the degree of eye protection in contact with live parts and penetration of foreign objects. The second number indicates the degree of protection against water. The degree of protection in this rechargeable floodlight is IP44.


A powerful 3.7V lithium-ion battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous lighting on a full charge with a 4400mAh battery capacity. It takes up to 4.5 hours for the charger to fully charge the battery. This spotlight uses a DC Output of 5V/1A (for charger and power bank).


Ronix RH-4273 is a perfect choice for home and indoor uses or outdoor work lights, camping lights, tent lights, searchlights, patrolling, hunting, hiking, searching, night fishing, garden working, etc. It is also a power bank for charging smartphones and tablets with a USB port.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix RH-4273 cordless spotlight comes to the market with a 50cm type-C USB cable supplied in a color box.


Model 4273
Battery Type 3.7V/ 4400mAh/ Li-ion battery
Top Max. Flux
Illumination Range
7000-8000K (cool white)
Brightness modes
DC Input (Charger)
5V / 1A
DC Output(power bank)
5V /1A
Rotation angle
Body Material
Nylon + TPE
Handle cover Material
Nylon + TPE
Max .Runtime (high mode)
3 hours
Battery Charging Time
4.5 Hours
Degree of protection
40*120*170 mm
50cm type C usb cable


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