Ronix Drywall sander 820 w 6200

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- 820W high efficiency and powerful motor . 
- Easily sand  entire wall or ceiling in less time .
-Variable speed adjustment operates  from 600  to 1900  RPM.
- Easy changing sandpaper .
- Automatic dust removal system .
- Highly flexible head swivel allows for increased maneuverability across various wall orientations.
- Includes 150/180/240/400  grit 225mm  sanding papers .
- Equipped with LED Light for perfect sanding in dark places or corners  .
-Ergonomic  and light weight design and  Adjustable extension pipe  for sanding in confined spaces and extends up to 165 cm for reaching high walls and ceilings .
 - Perfect  brush design allows for seamless flush-to-wall edge sanding. 
-soft start-ups for increase gear long life.
- Overload sensor is designed to alert when excessive load is applied and protect from damage due to overheat.

Fine Finish

While it's not recommended to take a standard palm sander or an ordinary sander on drywall, some devices have been specifically invented to speed up the process of sanding drywall or gypsum board. In general, you'll find that drywall sanders are attached to studs and come with a dust collection system. Both of these features are pretty much necessary; otherwise, you'll be playing with ladders, and the fine dust generated by an electric sander will permeate your entire home. We have both dustless drywall sander that contains a blade motor that sucks the dust itself to the dust collection bag through the long handle. And meanwhile, we have the sander without a self-suction function, so you need to connect it to the vacuum.

Ronix 6200 drywall sander is a powerful tool from a reliable manufacturer. We have been delighted with the results. The self-gripping 215mm base pad makes it easy to change sandpaper quickly. You'll also be happy to know that you can set the speed between 600 RPM and 1900 RPM to suit your needs. The 4-amp motor ensures maximum efficiency from your sanding disc. Its automatic dust removal system makes cleaning easy. The highly flexible head swivel allows for increased maneuverability across various wall orientations; this makes sanding much easier. This is a well-respected drywall sander, especially among handymen.


Model 6200
50 - 60 Hz
Vibration 1.5
Sound Volume
"LpA: 86 dB(A) , LwA: 94 dB(A)"
Motor Type
brushed motor
"Amperage Capacity " 4A
No load speed
Sanding Motion Type
Grinding Pad Diameter (mm)
Tube Diameter (mm)
Length Range (cm)
without extension tube with extension tube , 110 cm 165 cm
Color box
"1pc Dust bag 2pcs connection adapters (35mm, 57mm) 1pc Hose 2m 1pc S5 Wrench 8pc sanding paper ( 150# 180# 240# 400# each 2pcS) 1pair of carbon brush"

Detailed Description 

The Ronix 6200 drywall sander allows you to sand walls before painting, removing rust, removing paint, and smoothing edges. With this heavy-duty tool, you can sand an entire wall or ceiling quickly and easily.

Ronix 6200, 820W 4A Drywall Sander:

It is not difficult to get a smooth finish on drywall if you are capable of selecting the best drywall sander. The Ronix 6200 is without a doubt the best option. Read on to learn more about this powerful tool.

Motor and Mechanism:

Ronix 6200 drywall sander is powered by a 4amp brushed motor that provides enough power of 820W to sand ceilings, drywall, exterior walls, and more. A soft start-up is engineered for this device to increase gear long life and reduces noises (LpA: 86 dB(A), LwA: 94 dB(A)). Another feature that is remarkable in this version is that the brushes surround the tool. its perfect brush design allows for seamless flush-to-wall edge sanding. Besides, an overload sensor is designed to alert when excessive load is applied and protect the tool from damage due to overheat. Finally, this drywall sander is highly desirable because it can be adjusted between 600 and 1900 RPM depending on the needs of the project.

Vacuum system:

The Ronix 6200 includes a 38mm hose connected to the dust collector. It helps reduce dust, reducing the possibility of medical problems due to sanding. Ronix drywall sander features an automatic vacuum system that ensures a clean working environment. The vacuum system is excellent at absorbing much of the dust.


The tube diameter of the Ronix drywall sander is 38 mm. The tube length of the Ronix 6200 drywall sander without an extension tube is 110 cm and with an extension tube is 165 cm. This type of equipment reduces dependence on stools and ladders.


When purchasing a drywall sander, weight is one of the most important factors to consider. The Ronix drywall sander with 260mm×260mm×1100mm dimensions weighs 3.5 kilograms, which means it is easy to lift. It has an adjustable head that can rotate in multiple directions and allows it to adapt to uneven wall surfaces. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip; it is also equipped with an adjustable extension pipe for sanding in confined spaces and extends up to 165 cm for reaching high walls and ceilings. The LED lights are also worth mentioning as they provide a brighter working environment. The lights are bright, so you can work longer without causing eye fatigue.

Accessories and Packaging:

Once you unbox the Ronix-designed color box of the Ronix 6200 drywall sander, you will receive the tool with many handy accessories including a dust bag, 2 connection adapters (35mm and 57mm), a 2m hose, an S5 wrench, and a pair of carbon brushes.  It also comes with 8 abrasive papers of various sizes (150mm, 180mm, 240mm, 400mm (each 2 pieces)). You can use them according to your project needs. The carbon brushes have also been a hit with users. They can be easily replaced with a wrench.

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