Ronix Gasoline Generator 3.2 KW RH-4705

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If a power outage happens, generators prevent interruption of daily activities or during work operations. This tool has found a special place in houses, workshops, industries, factories, and outdoors. There are many types of generators for various applications, and choosing the one that suits your needs, requires a knowledge of their features and capabilities. Stay with us to learn about the Ronix RH-4705 gasoline generator, a best-in-class power source!

Ronix RH-4705 gasoline generator is one of the professional items in the Ronix generators collection, and its energy is supplied by unleaded petrol.

With its high-power 3.2kw engine and minimum noise and vibration, Ronix RH-4705 is the ideal generator for indoor spaces like workshops and light-duty industrial uses, in case of having good air conditioning.

It can work up to 10 hours continually without overheating and has a compact and ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and carry around.

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Detailed Description

Ronix is one of the most influential brands that manufacture its generator collection following the most reliable global standards and daily users’ needs. Ronix RH-4705 is also an excellent companion in your power-free times.

Ronix RH-4705: Control the Power; Any Time, Anywhere!

To choose the best generator that suits your needs, you must know what features and specifications these products offer. In the following, we give a detailed description of the Ronix RH-4705.


Ronix RH-4705 has a four-stroke air-cooled 2500W engine with an LB170F model number. The cylinder’s volume is 210CC, and the machine has a TCI ignition and manual starting system with 7HP rated power.

Fuel tank:

The full-iron Fuel tank Capacity is 15L. Its fuel type is unleaded petrol and provides up to 10 hours of run time.


The generator type is single phase, and it delivers a rated voltage of 220V and frequency of 50Hz, with a copper Winding for maximum effectiveness in long-term use. This generator also has a rated amperage of 12.1-13A and a maximum output power of 3200W. It includes a selection of outlets for maximum compatibility with your applications, including two 220V AC outlets and one (12V) DC outlet. It has a 100% copper-wound generator head that allows continuous operation without overheating.


It has a 38kg unique compact design for ease of use and reliable portability, and minimum noise and vibration, suitable to use in indoor spaces with good air conditioning.


RH-4705 includes an analog voltmeter for measuring output voltage.


It’s covered with circuit breaker outlets for added protection.

Low-Oil Alert:

The low-oil alerting system ensures more motor protection and a longer lifetime.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix RH-4705 gasoline generator is Supplied in Ronix brown box and includes other accessories, like a plug, a DC wire, a spark plug wrench, and rubber foot+nut.


-210cc, 4-stroke high power 3.2kw engine with outstanding performance
-Large 15 Liter full iron fuel tank provides up to 10 hours of run time 
-Includes a selection of outlets for maximum compatibility in your applications including: two 220V AC outlets and one (12V) DC outlet
-Includes a voltmeter for measuring output voltage 
-Special compact design for ease of use and reliable portability
-Covered, circuit breaker outlets for added protection
-Minimum sound and vibration in indoor usage
-100% copper-wound generator head allows continuous operation without overheating
-Low oil alerting system for more protection of motor and longer lifetime
-Ideal for workshops and light-duty industrial usage


Item Code


Motor Type

4stroke air cooled engine




210 cc

Engine rated power

7 HP

Ignition System


Starting System


Fuel tank Capacity

15 L

Continuous working

10 h


Unleaded Petrol

Generator type

Single phase

Generator rated voltage




Winding material


Generator rated amperage

12.1-13 A

Generator rated power

2800-3000 W

Generator max power

3200 W

DC Output




Supplied in

Ronix Brown Box


Plug,DC wire,Spark plug wrench,rubber feet+nut