Ronix Gasoline Inverter Generator - 2000 W RH-4792

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If you explore Google, one of the users’ frequently asked questions regarding a generator is: How can I make my inverter generator quieter? The best solution is to purchase a quiet Gasoline Inverter Generator that best suits your needs.

Inverter generators are more compact, quiet, and energy-efficient than traditional generators and are a suitable choice for electronics equipment, RV, camping, and home applications, or even in large-scale places such as hospitals, construction sites, organizations, factories, etc. Generators are very diverse depending on various conditions such as the environment, the amount of energy consumed, the type of use, geographical situations, etc.

Let’s get to know Ronix RH-4792 Super Quiet Gasoline Inverter Generator. This tool has several advantages over ordinary generators. Various features such as non-fluctuating and stable power output, modern and compact design, higher fuel efficiency, and less noise during operation are among the essential advantages of this new Ronix product. Its 4-stroke high-power 2kw engine can deliver outstanding performance in your power outages.

The mechanism and operation of the Ronix RH-4792 Portable Inverter Generator are more complex than traditional portable generators. So, stay with us to better understand this gasoline inverter generator.

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Detailed Description

The Ronix RH-4792 is a reliable choice for road trips and camping and a suitable power source for sensitive and microprocessor-based electronics such as telephones, computers, printers, kitchen appliances, and televisions.

Ronix Silent Inverter Generator; A Reliable Powerhouse by your side!

To choose the best inverter generator to suit your needs, you need to know what features and specifications these products offer. In the following, we give a detailed description of the Ronix RH-4792.


The generator has a four-cycle, air-cooled OHV gasoline motor with model XY152F-4 / SY152F-4 and dimensions of 52.4×46MM. The cylinder’s volume is also 99CC. The engine is equipped with a CDI ignition system and recoil starter. It has an A5RTC spark plug type (TORCH), and its maximum output power is 2.1kw (4500 RPM). The lubricating oil capacity is 0.52 liters, and the lubricating oil type is SAE 10W30.

The motor runs continuously for 3.8 hours and is super quiet, with a maximum sound output of 60 dBA.

Fuel Tank:

The Fuel tank Capacity is 4.1L, and its fuel type is regular automobile gasoline.


As an inverter generator type, the generator of this product has a 220V, 50Hz frequency AC output and a DC output of 12V and 5A. The maximum output power of this generator is 2.0kW, and the rated output is 1.7kW. Also, it has a power factor of 1.

Inverter Board:

The output is a uniform sine wave (PSW) and stable voltage, which prevents damage to sensitive electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, TVs, etc. This high-performance inverter board allows for less fuel consumption, lower noise, lighter weight, and higher efficiency.

Control Unit:

The control unit instantly senses overload or short circuit and immediately shuts off the engine to protect the generator and the load.


The body of this tool is made with a gross weight of 21kg and a net weight of 18.5kg. A 20% reduction in product weight compared to traditional generators makes it take up less space and is easier to transport. The net dimensions of the product are 525×282×457mm, and the overall dimensions are 555×315×490mm.


Ronix RH-4792 super quiet inverter generator is equipped with an economy mode Switch that reduces wear and fuel consumption by adjusting speed based on the generator load.

Low Oil Alert:

The low-oil warning system prevents damage to the engine and increases its lifespan.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix RH-4792 is Supplied in a Ronix Brown box along with a DC wire, a screwdriver, and a spark plug wrench.


-99cc, 4-stroke high power 2kw engine with outstanding performance
-Decreasing weight more than 20% compared with normal gasoline generator for better portability َ and less occupation
-Produces Output Pure Sine Wave AC and stable voltage to prevent from damaging to sensitive electronics equipment such as cell phones, and TV etc
-Super quiet as low as 60 DBA
-Equiped with two 220V AC outlet and one  12V DC outlet
-Economy Mode Switch Reduces wear and fuel consumption  by adjusting RPM based on generator load
-The control unit instantly senses overload or short circuit and immediately shuts of engine to protect the generator and the load
-Low Oil Alert Helps to prevent engine damage
-Ideal for electronics equipment, RV,camping and home applications, and small power tools


Item Code



Inverter Generator

AC Voltage

220V 50Hz
Max. Output

2.0 KW

Rated Output

1.7 KW

Power Factor


DC Output

DC12V 5A


XY152F-4 / SY152F-4

Engine Type

Air-cooled, 4 cycle, OHV, Gasoline Engine





Max. Output ENGINE

2.1KW / 4500rpm


Regular Automobile Gasoline

Fuel tank Capacity

4.1 liters

Rated Continuous Operation

3.8 hrs.

Generator rated power

2800-3000 W

Lubricating oil

SAE 10W30

Lubricating oil Capacity

0.52 litres

Starting System

Recoil Starter

Ignition System


Spark Plug: Type

Net dimension


Overall dimension


Net Weight

18.5 Kg

Gross weight


Supplied in

Ronix Brown Box


DC wire, Screwdriver, Spark plug wrench

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