Ronix Hand Saw RH-3621

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-High-alloy steel for superior performance on the job and specially coated for ultimate rust prevention
-Induction-hardened gripping jaws, machined jaws for maximum gripping strength
-Good access to the workpiece due to slim size of the head and joint area
-Self-locking on pipes and nuts prevents slipping on the workpiece and  requires low hand force
-Gripping surfaces with special hardened teeth, low wear and reliable gripping
-Box-joint design: high stability because of double guide
-Ideal for all industries including automotive, electrical, HVACR and even for DIY

Fine-Cut Saw

Do you want a handsaw to make cuts like you are a professional carpenter?
These hand tools are perfect for woodworking and carpentry. They are designed to cut woods into different shapes. Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw offers the best handsaw with a 3-sided tooth design that makes it stronger than the other handsaws. RH-3621, that comes with the fixed and thick blade, enables straighter cut. 


Model RH-3621
Handle Material TPR
size 16 inch
Weight 0.46 kg
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Type Fixed Blade
Supplied In Blister Card
Teeth Per Inch 9

Detailed Description Ronix Hand Saw RH-3621

Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw is an ergonomic, compact, and multi-purpose saw that can meet most of your cutting needs.
Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw with its fixed thick blade enables straighter cuts with less binding. The 16-inch thick body blade makes the tool ideal for cutting all kinds of wood and plastic. The composite coating protects the blade with more rust protection.
This hand tool is equipped with an induction-hardened, 3-sided tooth design that stays sharp up to five times longer than standard teeth. Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw with heavy-duty sharp tooth saw technology, uses three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50 percent faster than conventional handsaws.
Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw with 9 teeth per inch produces fine cuts. Ergonomic TPR handle is designed for this multifunctional hand tool to resist slipping for better control and precision. Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw with only 0.46kg is a lightweight tool that can cut a wide range of materials effectively.
Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw comes with everything you need for your cutting projects, such as ergonomic TPR handle, 16-inch thick blade, 9 teeth per inch, etc. and provides real performance no matter what material (wood, plastic, etc.) you are working on. Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw is made of high-quality stainless steel. Its careful processing and precise mechanics, guarantee professional work and long service life.
There is a wide variety of handsaws in the market. But choosing the right handsaw is crucial and important; otherwise, you cannot get the job done. Ronix RH-3621 Hand Saw with the 16-inch thick body blade, the sharp tooth technology, 3-sided tooth design, etc. is designed to make a fine and smooth finish every time after using this hand saw. It can be used by both DIY users and professionals who work with woods and plastics.


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