Ronix Hand Sprayer RH-6000

Ronix Hand Sprayer RH-6000

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The Ronix RH-6000, a 1-liter Hand Sprayer is not only useful for gardening and cleaning tasks but can also be used for a variety of other applications. For instance, it can be used to apply various types of liquids, such as insecticides and fungicides to plants and trees. Additionally, it can be used to apply cleaning solutions to surfaces, including floors, walls, and countertops. One of the key features of the Ronix RH-6000, 1-liter Hand Sprayer is its ease of use. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and maneuver, while the comfortable grip ensures that your hand won't get numb during extended use. The adjustable nozzle allows you to control the flow of the liquid, so you can easily switch between a fine mist and a strong stream, depending on the task at hand. Another advantage of the Ronix RH-6000, 1-liter Hand Sprayer is its durability. It is made from high-quality materials, which means that it can withstand regular use without breaking down or losing its effectiveness. This makes it a cost-effective investment for any homeowner who wants to keep their garden or home in top condition.


 -Made of high-quality PE material that allows you to clearly see the liquid remaining capacity scale through the transparent bottle
-The high-quality brass nozzle can adjust the intensity of the water spray from direct injection to fine mist spray 
-Ergonomic handle not only reduces fatigue, but also facilitates long-time spray operation
-The trigger at the handle can be locked for continuous spraying with a steady amount of water
-Heavy-duty tank, stable and resistant high-efficient pump
-Multipurpose Spray Bottle, ideal for spraying water or other liquids during household cleaning, spraying weeds, curing plants and flowers, 

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Detailed Description

The Ronix RH-6000 is a 1-liter hand sprayer that boasts a stable and resistant pump, ensuring high efficiency. It has a working pressure of 3.0 BAR and a maximum pressure of 8.0 BAR, making it capable of handling any task with ease.

Ronix RH-6000, 1 liter Hand Sprayer:

If you're in search of a versatile and high-performing hand sprayer to take care of your garden, the Ronix RH-6000 is your ultimate solution! This sprayer features a 1-liter capacity tank and an adjustable nozzle that can be easily switched from direct jet to fine mist jet mode, making it ideal for all your gardening needs. Thanks to its remarkable temperature tolerance of up to 60°C, it's also perfect for handling various projects beyond gardening. Keep reading to explore what makes the Ronix RH-6000 an outstanding choice.


Crafted using top-notch PE material, the Ronix RH-6000 1-liter hand sprayer boasts exceptional quality and is transparent, allowing you to conveniently monitor the remaining liquid in the container. The ergonomic handle of Ronix RH-6000 reduces fatigue and makes it comfortable for long periods of use.


Featuring a heavy-duty tank that can withstand temperatures of up to 60°C, the RH-6000 is built to last. This 1-liter hand spray is perfect for spraying areas ranging from 10m² to 24m².


Its handle is equipped with a trigger that lets you release the liquid through the nozzle at your convenience. Furthermore, the trigger can be locked for continuous spraying at a steady flow rate. Additionally, the nozzle type can be adjusted from direct jet to fine mist jet mode, providing added versatility and ease of use.


The Ronix RH-6000 is packaged in a Ronix-designed color box.


Hand held
1 Liter
Nozzle type
Adjustable (direct jet to fine mist jet)
Working Pressure
3.0 BAR
Max Pressure
8.0 BAR
Max. liquid temperature
Suitable for
Supplied in
Ronix Color box

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