Ronix Headlamp-100lm RH-4283

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If you engage in outdoor sports and activities such as climbing, running, cycling, and walking, or your job involves precise working on sensitive devices or computers. In that case, you must have noticed the importance of having a headlamp! But What is the best headlamp on the market? There are many high-quality headlamps, and each can be considered the best. Let’s discuss the Ronix RH-4283 headlamp with 100LM of max flux and 3w power.

Ronix RH-4283 is a high-quality, lightweight, and widely used headlamp with three different modes of high, low, and strobe lighting to cover a wide range of applications. Its housing is constructed from durable ABS plastic to ensure lightweight and convenient usage. This headlamp uses high-quality LEDs with a brightness of 100 lumens, and the light color is in the range of 7000-8000 Kelvin. It is provided with an adjustable elastic band.


- LED head lamp equipped with high quality COB LEDs which produce 100lm of brightness totally
-3 different modes of High/Low/Strobe lighting to cover wide range of application
-Tilting head to adjust light in 60° angle
-Constructed from durable plastic to ensure lightweight and convinient usage
-The powerful and lightweight headlamp is built for mountaineering, running, cycling, hiking and backpacking
-provides with adjustable  elastic band 


Detailed Description

Headlamps are essential equipment you need in camping, hiking, climbing, and any other outdoor activity, and your safety depends on them to a high degree. You should choose a headlamp with high efficiency and durability in these cases.

Ronix RH-4283: Best Companion to Light Up Your Way!

These days, few people buy a product without prior research and knowledge. Keep reading to learn more about the specifications of the Ronix RH-4283 headlamp.


The Ronix RH-4283 Headlamp works with three pieces of AAA carbon batteries. It is equipped with high-quality COB LEDs (Chip-On-Board LEDs), which produce 3W power and 100lm of brightness. Also, it illuminates the desired space up to a range of 10 meters. This headlight has three different modes of High/Low/Strobe lighting to cover a wide range of applications and adjusts 100%-30%-strobe brightness modes. The color temperature (or CCT) is a gauge of how yellow or blue the color of light emitted from a light bulb appears. The Ronix RH-4283 headlight’s CCT is 7000-8000K (cool white). Its tilting head can also adjust the light at a 60° angle.

Body and Switches:

This headlamp is constructed from durable ABS plastic to ensure lightweight and convenient usage. RH-4283 has a 40g weight and 58.4*48.1*35.7mm dimensions. It is also provided with an adjustable elastic band to fix the tool on the forehead.


The degree of protection in work lights is determined by IP (Ingress Protection) unit. The first number after IP shows the degree of eye protection in contact with live parts and penetration of foreign objects. The second number indicates the degree of protection against water. The degree of protection in this rechargeable floodlight is IP33.


Three pieces of AAA carbon batteries provide up to 12 hours of runtime at 100% mode.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix RH-4283 headlamp comes to the market in a Ronix color box, including three AAA carbon batteries.


Model RH-4283
light type
Cob led
Battery Type
100 lumen
Brightness modes
Illumination Range
7000-8000 K
Rotation angle
Body Material
Max. Runtime (high mode)
Degree of protection
58.4*48.1*35.7 mm
3pcs AAA carbon batteries


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