Ronix High-temp Glue Gun RH-4464

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-Equipped with plastic base for standing
-Ergonomic industrial design
-40W power for fast heating

Best Bonding Result

Hot glue guns are handheld devices, designed to apply hot melt adhesive to various materials. These guns work by heating a solid glue stick until it melts and then applying the liquefied glue to a surface. The melted glue then cools and hardens, creating a strong bond between the materials. From those who enjoy crafting and DIY projects to professionals in fields such as woodworking and upholstery, various people can benefit from using such tools. Ronix RH-4464 is also a hot glue gun that features 40-watt elements in addition to having an ergonomic and industrial design which helps it be ready to help you apply hot glue to any surface for any use case.

 High-temp Glue Gun, 40W, Plastic Base_details


Model RH-4464
Power 40W
Material PA6
Glue stick D.M
D.M. 11.2mm
Flow of glue 12-16 gr per minute
Preheat time 3-5 min
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Includes Two 100*11.2 mm glue sticks

Detailed Description 

Ronix RH-4464 is a 40-watt hot glue gun that works with 220 to 240V electricity and comes with two transparent glue sticks to help you start your project right away.

Ronix RH-4464, 40W Hot Glue Gun:

With 40-watt elements and a PA6-made ergonomic body, Ronix RH-4464 is designed to deliver the best performance possible. If you are looking for a new hot glue gun, our RH-4464 model is the tool to go for. Keep scrolling to learn more about its construction and design choices.


To ensure its durability and rigidity, we have made Ronix RH-4464 from polyamide6, or PA6 for short which is known for its resistance against heat as well as its ease of use. In addition to the sturdy construction and use of heavy-duty elements, Ronix RH-4464 features an ergonomic and lightweight design that prioritizes the user’s comfort. This ergonomic body is further enhanced by an easy-to-turn knurl and the incorporation of a plastic base which helps our tool in standing and keeping its nose untouched.


The durable body of Ronix RH-4464 encases the newly designed 40-watt elements which work with 220 to 240V electricity and can melt glue sticks in a matter of seconds.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix RH-4464 is compatible with 11.2mm thick glue sticks and comes included with two transparent ones to help kickstart your gluing adventure. You can find these two glue sticks alongside the gun itself, inside a Ronix color box.


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