Ronix Measuring tape- Omega model 5.5m RH-9060

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-Tape is made of high strength carbon steel, and the inner spring constant force lasts
-The ruler shell uses a new abs brand-new tpr, good anti-fall performance
-Tape surface with subgloss wear-resistant treatment, white single metric printing, clear reading 
-Strong magnetic ruler hook, can be perfectly adsorbed on iron objects
-Tape measure volume design is exquisite, easy to carry

Easy Operations

Measuring tapes are everyday companions for everyone who needs length calculation in almost all industries. But if you want to be sure of their durability and resistance, RH-9060 Measuring Tape will be a great option for you. Its tape is made of high-strength carbon steel and the ruler shell is made of ABS and TPR material, making it an anti-fall tool. 

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Detailed Description

There are more qualities available for RH-9060 Measuring Tape. The following parts should be read if you wish to learn more about them.

RH-9060 Measuring Tape, Accuracy in Your Jobsite

To make sure that RH-9060 matches your needs for a practical measuring tool, read the following features. They will help you make choices more wisely. 


The RH-9060 is a durable, accurate measuring tool with blades 25mm in width and 5.5m in length. Its tape is made of high-strength carbon steel and the ruler shell is manufactured from brand-new TPR and ABS, so it can present anti-fall performances. The tape surfaces are also have been under sub-gloss wear-resistant treatment, and have white single metric printing and clear reading. 
For making it more practical, they are designed to be highly portable and equipped with a strong magnetic ruler hook that can be perfectly absorbed on iron objects.  


RH-9060 Comes with a blister card. 


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