Ronix Rechargeable & Motion sensor headlamp-280lm RH-4287

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A powerful and bright headlamp would be very helpful for nighttime outdoor activities like walking, climbing, cycling, trekking, backpacking, camping, repairing electronics, and even just attempting to find anything in a dimly lit area, especially if the headlamp is rechargeable and has a motion sensor.

Ronix RH-4287 is a high-performance rechargeable light source that may be used for your demands and activities. A double-switch design ensures convenient modes transition from high/medium/low light to strobe and red led. It is a high-quality, portable, and commonly used headlamp. Its housing is made of sturdy ABS plastic for a lightweight and practical design.

With motion sensor technology, this headlamp can detect movement in a specific area and react by turning on or off an LED when it is found. It employs premium LEDs with a brightness of 280 lumens and a 7000–8000 Kelvin color temperature. It has an adjustable elastic band and a high-capacity rechargeable battery for long-lasting use.
Read the product description below for more information on the Ronix RH-4287 rechargeable headlamp.


- LED head lamp equipped with high quality 5W SMD LEDs which produce 230lm of brightness totally
-Equipped with motion sensor , These luminaries monitor movement in a given area, lighting up or darken LED when movement is detected.
-Tilting head to adjust light in 60° angle
-Double-switch design to ensure convenient modes convert from high/medium/low light to strobe and red led
-High capacity rechargeable battery offers long lasting usage
-Constructed from durable plastic to ensure lightweight and convinient usage
-The powerful and lightweight headlamp suitable for mountaining , running, cycling, hiking and backpacking
-provides with adjustable elastic band

5w Rechargable & Motion sensor headlamp-280lm_details

Detailed Description

Ronix’s long-lasting and high-power headlamps provide the lighting you need during climbing, camping, caving, and other activities. Ronix RH-4287 rechargeable headlamp is equipped with a motion sensor and covers all your needs with its excellent quality and durability.

Ronix RH-4287: All Perfections in One Tool!

Ronix RH-4287 rechargeable headlamp is a high-performance lighting source to accompany you in many activities. Keep reading the detailed description of this product to find out why!


This rechargeable lighting tool has a motion sensor; you can turn the lamp on and off without pressing the power button by moving your hand. RH-4287 is equipped with high-quality 5W SMD LEDs, which produce 280lm of brightness. It has two LED sensors and two red LEDs. Also, it illuminates the desired space up to a range of 50 meters. The double-switch design of the tool ensures convenient modes convert from high/medium/low light to strobe and red led. The color temperature (or CCT) is a gauge of how yellow or blue the color of light emitted from a light bulb appears. Ronix RH-4287 headlight’s CCT is 7000-8000K (cool white). Its tilting head can also adjust the light at a 60° angle.


This headlamp is constructed from durable ABS plastic to ensure lightweight and convenient usage. RH-4287 has a 70g weight and 65*45*40mm dimensions. It is also provided with an adjustable elastic band to fix the tool on the forehead.


The degree of protection in work lights is determined by IP (Ingress Protection) unit. The first number after IP shows the degree of eye protection in contact with live parts and penetration of foreign objects. The second number indicates the degree of protection against water. The degree of protection in this rechargeable floodlight is IP33.


The 1200mAh Li-ion polymer battery of the headlamp provides up to 3.5 hours of runtime at 100% mode. The charging time of the battery is 3.5h, and the charger’s DC input power is 5V / 1A.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix RH-4287 headlamp comes to the market in a Ronix color box, including a 30CM USB cable.


light type
5W SMD led /2 led sensor / 2 red led
Battery Type
1200mah Li-ion polymer battery
280 lumen
Brightness modes
Left switch : 100%-30%-10%-strobe Hold on 3S , red led on-strobe Right switch : sensor mode-100%sensor-30%sensor

Illumination Range
Rotation angle
Body Material
DC Input(Charger)
5V / 1A
Battery Charging Time
Max.Runtime(high mode)
Degree of protection
Supplied in
Ronix color box


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