Ronix Safety glass RH-9027

Ronix Safety glass RH-9027

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- Flexible PC body for comfortable in long time working
- has transparent sheild
- Comtemporary styling with padded temples and soft nosebridge for added comfort.
- 90 rated polycarbonate lenses absorb 99% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays between290 nm and 400 nm
- Ideal for 80℃ applications in hot environments.
- Light Weight and ergonomic desighn due to easy carrying and more fit comfort.
- Anti-fog,wind and sand proof goggles, anti-high impact, Super coated,light transmittance strong, effectively reduce the UV damage
- Anti-glare Discharge Safety glasses, help reduce reflected glare, eye strain, and eye fatigue
- Use for welding, soldering, torching, brazing & metal cutting

Safety First

At work, and depending on the nature of the tasks to be performed, operators are required to wear protective equipment. This equipment must be the answer to a specific need. Only the reality of the field determines which PPE is appropriate for a given situation. A precise analysis of the work area and the risks it may present makes it easier to choose suitable equipment. Many professions require the use of protective equipment, including glasses. Particles, projections, or dust are all potentially dangerous risks for the eyes and the face. However, not all models can protect you effectively. Here is the Ronix RH-9027 safety glasses to save you time. This safety equipment features GB14866\ce standard lenses for optimal UV protection. It also features 90-rated polycarbonate lenses that can absorb 99% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays between 290 nm and 400 nm.

Safety glass-RH-9027_details


Model RH-9027
Glass material
Weight 32G
Thickness of Glass
Dark shade
Body Material
Finish Type
Lens Color
transparent color


Detailed Description

With the Ronix RH-9027 safety glasses, you can work safely. Considered the best-performing pair of glasses, the Ronix RH-9027 has a hard polycarbonate lens for increased scratch resistance. In addition, they are equipped with an anti-fog, anti-wind, and anti-sand treatment for good vision even if the air is very damp. They provide a real sense of security.

Ronix RH-9027, 1.8 MM Safety Glasses:

Although wearing safety glasses on a construction site is restrictive, it can help avoid accidents, often with serious consequences. Indeed, the objective of safety glasses is the protection of a vital organ: the eye. Thus, the choice of this individual protection equipment should not be left to chance. Ronix RH-9027 with the integrated headband is both wide and adjustable to position the glasses properly so they don't slip. There are also no pressure points that could cause discomfort even for prolonged use. Scroll down to know more about this useful safety equipment.


The Ronix RH-9027 safety glasses have a durable polycarbonate (PC) frame for excellent impact resistance. The clear shield provides a bright, wide-angle view while protecting the eyes. The glasses have padded temples and a nose bridge for comfort during extended wear. The lightweight and ergonomic design of the frames (32 grams) offers a secure fit and minimizes fatigue. With dimensions of 15×4.5 mm, they offer sufficient coverage and protection. The transparent dark tint ensures optimal vision in a variety of lighting conditions. Plus, the hard-coating finish adds a protective layer to the lenses, improving scratch resistance and longevity.


Ronix-9027 safety glasses feature high-quality, 1.8mm thick polycarbonate 90 lenses for improved durability and impact resistance. These lenses offer exceptional clarity and durability, ensuring reliable eye protection in a variety of work environments. With an ideal rating for applications at 80 degrees, these lenses are designed to withstand and maintain their integrity even in high-temperature conditions. Whether in construction, manufacturing, or other industrial environments, Ronix-9027 safety glasses offer the optical performance and protection needed for a safer work experience.

Lens coating:

Ronix RH-9027 safety glasses feature a range of lens coatings that enhance performance and provide additional protection. Anti-fog, wind, and sand coatings ensure clear vision even in harsh environments and preserve visibility. In addition, the anti-glare discharge feature reduces reflected glare, minimizing eye strain. These safety glasses are specifically designed for welding, brazing, torching, soldering, and metal-cutting applications, making them a reliable choice for professionals working in these industries.

UV protection:

Ronix RH-9027 safety glasses are equipped with PC lenses that offer exceptional UV protection. These lenses are designed to absorb 99% of UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation in the wavelength range of 290 nm to 400 nm.



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