Ronix Turbo Row Diamond Cup Wheel 180mm RH-3529

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-Turbo-row cup design , provides smoth finish
-Can be used for a wide range of applications wheter dry o wet cut
-Provides with high-quality material for more durability and longer life
-precision balanced steel body which reduces wobble and vibration for better handling over material removal
-Suitable for power tool machine like angle grinder.

Have the Best Finish in Metal

Diamond cup wheels are grinding tools that consist of diamond segments welded onto a metal disc. They are the best option for grinding and smoothening hard surfaces such as concrete, granite, and marble. They feature diamond-rich segments that cut through the material, providing a precise and efficient grinding process. Ronix RH-3529 is such a tool that provides these functions and so much more. We have equipped this model with a turbo row design that ensures a smooth finish on the workpiece, regardless if it’s wet or dry.

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Model RH-3529
Disk Diameter
Arbor Size
Blade Thickness
Segment Material
Metallic powder containing artificial diamond powder
Number of Segments
Max Speed
Supplied in
color box

Detailed Description 

Ronix RH-3529 is a 180mm diamond cup wheel that is made of A3# material and includes 40 segments with a thickness of 5.5mm.

Ronix RH-3529, 180mm Turbo Row Diamond Cup Wheel:

Diamond cup wheels are typically used by professionals in the construction industry, such as masons, concrete finishers, and tile installers. As they are ideal for preparing surfaces for installation or repair, removing surface coatings or adhesives, and shaping and smoothing rough surfaces. We have designed our RH-3529 model with all of these applications and use cases in mind. With its 3mm thick blades and a maximum speed of 8500 RPM, Ronix RH-3529 will be on your grinder for a long time. Keep reading to learn more about its construction and features.


Ronix RH-3529 has a disk diameter of 180mm with a 22.23mm arbor and features 3mm thick blades. These blades are made of A3# material which is a high-quality material that provides high durability and longer life. Our RH-3529 model is fragmented into 40 segments that are made of metallic powder containing artificial diamond powder. They have a thickness of 5.5mm which makes them suitable for power tools and machines like angle grinders.


Ronix RH-3529 Turbo row diamond cup wheel comes neatly packaged inside a Ronix color box.