Ronix Water Pump Plier RH-1431

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-High-alloy steel for superior performance on the job and specially coated for ultimate rust prevention
-Induction-hardened gripping jaws, machined jaws for maximum gripping strength
-Good access to the workpiece due to slim sizeof the head and joint area 
-Self-locking on pipes and nuts prevents slipping on the workpiece and  requires low handforce
-Gripping surfaces with special hardened teeth, low wear and reliable gripping 
-Box-joint design: high stability because of double guide 
-Ideal for all industries including automotive, electrical, HVACR and even for DIY

Hold Everything!

Ronix RH-1431 Water Pump Plier is commonly used for turning and holding nuts and bolts, gripping irregularly shaped objects, holding pipes, etc. RH-1431 with its 10inch size holds all kinds of items with a larger diameter too. This high alloy steel is an ideal hand tool for all industries including automotive, electrical, HVACR and even for DIY. Using this hand tool, the chance of slipping will reduce dramatically due to its self-locking on pipes. 

Water Pump Plier, 10

Model RH-1431
size 10 inch
Material High Alloy Steel
Supplied In Ronix Hanger Color Card
Handel Type PVC Coated Grip

Detailed Description Ronix Water Pump Plier RH-1431

Ronix RH-1431 Water Pump Plier is made of high-alloy steel for superior performance on the job. These high alloy steels are widely used for their corrosion resistance. It is specially coated for ultimate rust prevention so the durability of the tool will be increased. This 10inch hand tool with its PVC coated grip is ready to give you true convenience and quality. To maximize the gripping strength, RH-1431 has been incredibly designed with induction-hardened gripping jawsmachined jaws. This intellectual design will lead to a marvelous gripping. It is ideal for all industries including automotive, electrical, HVACR and even DIY. You can even grip irregularly shaped objects, holding pipes effortlessly and get your task done quickly. It is also equipped with a self-locking on pipes and nuts so that it can prevent slipping on the workpiece. This feature will help your accuracy and also reduce the hand force required while doing the tasks. Its small size head and 10inch body will help the operators have access to every workpiece and also promotes the reduction in required hand force. The gripping surfaces with its special hardened teeth, lower wear and reliable gripping has made this water pump plier, a magnificent one. Ronix Rh-1431 is equipped with a double guide to increasing the stability of the tool. It has everything for you to enjoy! This hand tool is supplied in a Ronix hanger color card to bring you comfort and easiness.

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