Slip Joint Plier 8 inch

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-Constructed from durable & high quality drop forged carbon steel material for better performance and longer life time
-Chrome plated finish provides durability and protection from abrasion and corrosion
-PVC coated handle & nonslip grips provide comfort and control without adding bulk
-Nut and bolt fastener allows fine tuning of operating tension
-Precision-machined jaws for maximum gripping strength
-Variable size jaws are a flexible solution for most household jobs
-These pliers meet or exceed ANSI Standard specification

Primitive Yet Functional!

Slip Joint Pliers are versatile tools that are used for gripping and bending hardware. These pliers come handy in many different tasks in all kind of jobs. Ronix RH-1190-1196-1198 Slip Joint Pliers are ergonomically-designed hand tool by Ronix for you to have in your tools collection. These pliers come in 3 different sizes and help you to complete many kinds of tasks in your house or even in your workshop.

Model RH-1198
size 6 inch
Material Drop Forged Steel
Supplied In Ronix Blister Card
Handle Type PVC Coated

Detailed Description Slip Joint Plier 8 inch

Pliers come in many different shapes and functionalities. Ronix RH-1190-1196-1198 Slip Joint Pliers are ergonomically designed to help you complete different tasks of gripping in many tasks. In these pliers, one side usually has two holes that are connected by a slot for the pivot. The pivot is fastened to the other side and shaped so that it can slide through the slot when the pliers are fully opened.

Ronix has always used highest-quality raw materials to manufacture dependable hand tools for users. These slip joints pliers are made of durable and high-quality forged carbon steel to ensure better performance and longer life time.

In the past, many users used to complain about their hand tools getting rusted. But, Ronix has put a chrome plate finish which provides durability and protects the pliers from abrasion and corrosion.

Pliers are mostly used for gripping and holding bolts and nuts as tight and firm as possible so, the most important part in pliers are the handles. If handles slip through your hands you can not perform a good gripping operation. Ronix RH-1190-1196-1198 Slip Joint Pliers are equipped with PVC coated handles and non-slip grips. These types of handles provide good and comfortable gripping and better control.

Nut and bolt fasteners allow fine tuning of operation tension. Ronix RH-1190-1196-1198 Slip Joint Pliers have precision-machined jaws which give the user maximum gripping strength.

Different jobs and tasks require different size of gripping and that is why these pliers come in 3 different sizes. RH-1190-1196-1198 are 10, 6 and 8 inch. These most commonly used sizes make sure that you can complete any tasks in your workshop or your house.

Ronix RH-1190-1196-1198 Slip Joint Pliers are must-have tools in any toolbox and they come handy in many places. Ronix has always designed and manufactured the best hand tools for home users and professionals.

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