Stapler Gun, 14mm, Stainless Steel Body RH-4804

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-Made of all steel construction with adjustable driving force and quick jam release features.
-RONIX heavy-duty staple gun 4-14mm executes every task quickly, neatly and professionally
-Ideal for plastic, Cardboard, Foam, Softwood and Plywood
-3 in 1, for all; working with Flat crown staple, round crown staple and T-nail

Give Wooden Workpieces A Nail!

f you are working with various kinds of materials and need a staple gun to help you deal with them, Ronix RH-4804 Stapler will be the best choice. It is ideal for plastic, cardboard, foam, softwood and Plywood. With the max staple length of 14mm and all-steel construction, you will be able to work with it effortlessly and for the rest of your life because it is a super durable staple gun.


Model RH-4804
Max Staple  Length
Body Material
Stainless Steel
Supplied in
Double Blister Card