Ronix Sand Blaster Spray Gun RH-6602

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-Hand held blaster with 1000cc capacity cup featuring exclusive air valve design, allowing you to tackle a variety of projects with ease
-Handheld unit for abrasives or liquids
-Pistol-grip design for a comfortable grip
-Reduces over spray and allows you to spray larger surfaces without having to stop
-A lightweight solution to small blasting and sealing jobs
-Aluminum gun body, rust-resistant stainless steel nozzle and solid brass cap for durability and longevity
-The brass needle sand precision air cap, is ideal for a fully atomized and consistent spray pattern
-A low volume of air and a working pressure up to 150 Psi creates a siphon action that draws abrasive from the bottle for an even spray
-The lightweight aluminum body of the suction gun is suited for your workshop and other field location

Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun is a handy, air-powered, and powerful tool; suitable for DIY projects and professional small-sized industrial applications. This handheld blaster with its 1000cc capacity cup and exclusive air valve design can be used for a wide range of projects.  Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun is equipped with a lightweight aluminum gun, a rust-resistant stainless-steel 5.5mm nozzle, and a solid brass cap to be as durable as possible. Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun provides an even finish, thanks to its capability to work with air pressure up to 150 Psi.


Model RH-6602
Max Pressure 150 Psi
Nozzle 5.5 mm
Cup Material Aluminum
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Cup Capacity 1000 ml

Detailed Description RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun

It is not easy to find the right pneumatic spray gun from an overwhelming list of air sprayers you can find on the internet. To make this easier and help you with different choices,
Ronix offers a variety of pneumatic tools from simple air spray guns for DIY enthusiasts, to professional pneumatic tools designed exclusively for professional uses. Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun, also known as “sand blast gun”, is a handheld pneumatic tool applicable for abrasives and especially different types of tars. This lightweight and easy-to-use sand blast gun, comes with a 1000 ml cup and Ronix-designed air valve, to make it a great choice for a variety of projects and applications.

The durability and longevity of products are among the top priorities in Ronix. In this regard, Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun is equipped with a high-quality and high-tech gun and nozzle. The lightweight aluminum gun of this efficient pneumatic tool in combination with a rust-resistant stainless-steel nozzle, and a sturdy brass cup, guarantee the durability and long service life. The lightness of Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun is beneficial especially in small blasting and sealing jobs. The lightness of this sand blast gun allows you to use it efficiently in your workshop and in different workspaces. Also, the spectacular pistol-grip design is another advantageous feature that makes Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun a handy and easy-to-use pneumatic tool.

The lightweight and ergonomic Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun can be used in various spraying applications for hours and hours non-stop and without any sign of over spraying. Moreover, it is so easy to keep it in your hand when you spray larger surfaces. Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun works with low volume air and pressure up to 1510 Psi; this air pressure creates siphon action that draws abrasive or tar from the bottle and gives an even spray. Also, the brass needle sand precision air cap makes Ronix RH-6602 Sand Blast Gun an ideal pneumatic tool for fully automized and consistent spray pattern.

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