Cordless Vacuum Cleaner-15L 20V, 8640

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-Robust 150W motor provides to collect wet and dry dust
- Portable, easy to carry anywhere 
- Wet & dry cleaning
- 15L tank capacity for rubbish collection
- Plastic cover for protecting battery from penetration water
- Powerful blowing function 
- Ideal for DIY, car, wood crafts, home,,etc..

Clean your worries away with this powerful compact cordless vacuum cleaner! 
Ronix 8640 is a compact vacuum cleaner engineered for mobility and user comfort. The tool is powered by a 150W motor that can provide an airflow rate of 20L/s and is suitable for wet and dry cleaning. The compact design means that this cordless vacuum cleaner fits all vehicles and is ideal for DIY, cars, wood crafts, home, etc.

This vacuum cleaner features a 20V DC lithium-ion cordless battery that can provide a vacuum pressure of 10kpa. The tool has a 15L tank capacity for rubbish and dust collection and is designed with a plastic cover to protect the battery.


Vacuum Cleaner-15L 20 V_details

Detailed Description

Many people wonder, Are Cordless vacuums worth it? Here we’ll tell you why the Ronix 8640 Compact Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an exceptionally lightweight tool to help you have a crystal-clear view.

Essential tips before choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner

If you intend to buy a rechargeable vacuum cleaner, you should know its features to choose the best option among the various products available in the market according to your intended use. In this section, the specifications of Ronix 8640 are reviewed.

Motor and mechanism:

A robust 150W/20V motor powers the Ronix 8640 compact cordless vacuum cleaner, making it a perfect choice for cleaning wet and dry dust. Its powerful blowing function helps remove dust from areas inaccessible for vacuuming, such as computer CPU cabinets.


Ronix 8640 can provide a vacuum pressure of >10KPA and an airflow rate of 20 liters per second.


A 15L tank is included in the tool to collect dust and rubbish. It works best if you wash it after every time you use it.

Body and Switches:

As a lightweight, easy-to-handle solution to all your cleaning needs, this 4.27 kg compact cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for many automotive cleanings and optimized for cleaning offices, storage rooms, workshops, and vehicles. It’s also an excellent choice for DIY or wood craft applications.


This vacuum cleaner is manufactured with two filters: a washable HEPA Filter and a sponge filter. The HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is the most effective filter for removing solid particles from the air and absorbing particles of 0.3 microns. This filter increases the engine’s life and improves the tool’s performance.


The battery of the Ronix 8640 compact cordless vacuum cleaner is a powerful 20V DC lithium-ion battery that is compatible with all Ronix-made 86 series tools. The battery capacity is 2.0Ah and can be charged with a 2in1 2.0Ah fast charger. It has a plastic cover to protect the battery from penetration water.

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix 8640 color box comes with a Plastic hose, a washable HEPA filter, a sponge filter, a triangle brush, a crevice nozzle, one pc of Battery 2Ah, and one pc of Charger 2A. 



Model 8640
20V DC
Vacuum Pressure
Airflow rate
Ronix Colour Box
"plastic hose, Washable HEPA Filter , Sponge filter, Triangle brush, crevice nozzle, 1 pc Battery 2Ah ,1 pc Charger 2A"