Wall Chaser 3412

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-Professional Heavy-duty 2000W powerful motor enables high performance
-D-shape ergonomic handle for maximum control during heavy-duty operations
-Special design Aluminum guard for more safe and clean operation
-Channel width and cutting depth adjustment for performing different kinds of operations
-NSK Anti-dust switch which reduces dust penetration
-Maximum work progress by means of constant speed under load
-Optimal dust extraction system which can be used in all kinds of dust collection mechanisms
-Ergonomic light-design for minimizing operator's fatigue during long hours of working
-Efficient machine for precise, high-quality cuts
-Direct airflow system which cools the motor for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities
-Anti-dust ball bearings which ensure long lifetime of the motor and make it work more smoothly
-Soft start switch system that ensures the safety of operation
-New locking pin system for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanism

Absolute Power in Your Hands

Changing pipes and wires has been a big problem for professional reconstruction technicians for ages but we at Ronix have used innovative cutting-edge technology to over come these barriers for you. Ronix Wall Chaser 3412 is an extraordinary tool for you to apply grooves and channels in the wall with no problem at all. This Wall Chaser is design to help you to customize the groove size to your operation with 2000W super powerful motor.


Model 3412
Spindle Size M14
Power 2000W
Frequency 50Hz
No-load RPM 6000 RPM
Weight 8.25kg
Wheel Diameter 125mm
Voltage 220V
Cutting Depth 0-35mm
Cutting Width 9mm-30mm
Supplied In BMC
Includes (2) Cutting discs, (1) Spanner, (1)Hex Wrench, 1 Pair of carbon brush,(2) Pieces adjustable blade rings

Detailed Description WALL CHASER 3412

Motor & Mechanism:

Ronix Wall Chaser 3412 is equipped with a heavy-duty 2000W powerful motor resulting in high-performance 6000RPM rotary power which is considered to be one of the most effective force for all kind of cutting operations. The claim of doing all kind of operation might sound fake but due to channel width (9mm-30 mm) and cutting depth (0-35mm) adjustment mechanism there is no impossible tasks for you.  

One of the problems with all wall chasers are the dust that they spread all around the operation site and on the device. Ronix has come up with a brilliant NSK anti-dust switch which reduces the dust penetration. Also, there are anti-dust ball bearings used inside the 3412 to ensure longer life span of the motor and smoother performance of tool. That’s not all, there is an optimal dust extraction system which can be used in all dust collecting mechanism.

Like all the other power tools there is a direct air flow system to deal with the heat. This mechanism will cool the motor down during the operation for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities.

Soft start switch system on Ronix Wall Chaser 3412 is what gives the operator a slow start for a safer operation.


Ronix has always been the leading brand when it comes to clever, compact and innovative designs. Ronix cares for the costumers and that’s why the design of Ronix Wall Chaser 3412 is following all the ergonomic principles. The D-shape ergonomic handle gives maximum control to the user during heavy-duty operation. For more safe and clean operation there is a special aluminum guard around the cutting disks. The new locking on system has been designed on the 3412 for faster and easier disk changing (up to 125 mm) and safety mechanism.

Cutting walls could take time and that’s where brilliant light-wight compact design of Ronix Wall Chaser 3412 aid you to prevent hand fatigue.

Level up your cutting operation with efficient Ronix Wall Chaser 3412. Apply all kind of precise, high-quality cuts to redo piping and wiring.


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