18-gauge Brad Nailer Kit, 100 Pcs Nail Capacity RA-1850

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-It is equipped with a rear exhaust
- Equipped with an injection grip
- Plastic cylinder containing oil, no need to add oil till 1 million shots
- Touch-strike security system is safe for the operator
- Quick-release nosepiece for fast clearing jams
- No-mar bumper                                                                      
- Available with either sequential and contact fire trigger
- Adjustable depth-of-drive
Magazine cover in TPU, for buffering in fall and be comfortable when shut magazine    -It enables you to do different operations varying from fastening insulation plastic sheets, carpets to DIY and hobby work at home.                                                             -A belt hook for easy carriage in height    

Give Wooden Workpieces A Nail!

When it comes to massive woodworking in construction, brad nailers and nailing guns play a decisive role.  The new Ronix Design RA-1850 18-gauge brad nailer kit is a pneumatic-powered nail gun that uses compressed air to drive small nails into wood. The small nails driven by brad nailers are so difficult to make manually and therefore they’re easy to cover with caulk or a wood filler. This pneumatic unit is made to drive 18-gauge nails from 15 to 50 mm in length, with a sequential and contact fire trigger style. 

Model RA-1850q
10" 10" 2 - 3/5  (253mm*255mm*65mm
Nailing Capacity
Nail Features
1.26mm*1mm, head 2mm
Supplied in Ronix Color Box
Includes Belt hook, hex range 1pc, coil hex, Ronix coupler (5mm),Oil bottle



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