Crown Stapler, 21- Gauge, 60 ~ 100 psi RA-8016

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• Rear exhaust keeps contaminates away from work.
• Injection grip allows you to handle it comfortably and without slipping
• Plastic cylinder contains oil, no need to add oil till 1 million shots
• Easy-to-open latch-for quick and comfortable loading
• Touch-strike security system is safe for the operator
• no-marring bumper on the nose tip with on tool storage prevents any dents to your workpiece.
• Magazine opens with easy one finger latch 
• Magazine cover in TPU, for buffering in fall and be comfortable when shut magazine.  

Give Wooden Workpieces A Nail!

For many of those who work in woodworking workshops or on a construction site, a crown stapler is a necessary tool. The Ronix RA-8016 Crown Stapler is a high-quality pneumatic tool that can make your job much easier. With its easy-to-open latch and light weight, stapling operations has become less difficult and more straightforward. 


Model RA-8016
Weight 0.95 kg
Required Pressure 60 - 100 psi (4.7kgt/cm^2)
Max load capacity of magazine
Gauge Length
Nail Features
0.95 * 0.66 mm
Max staple Length
6 -16mm
Dimensions 240 * 162 * 51 mm



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