Akfix Aqua Zero Hybrid Waterproofing Membrane 14KG

Akfix Aqua Zero Hybrid Waterproofing Membrane 14KG

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Aquazero; is a premium, liquid and cold applied, one-component silane modified polymer (SMP) based polymer, elastic, waterproofing membrane, free of bitumen, solvent and isocyanates. After fully cured, it forms waterproof, UV resistant surface which also repairs the cracks up to 5mm.


  • Applicable also on damp surfaces.
  • Good resistance to UV, water and moisture.
  • Self-leveling.
  • Paintable.
  • Applicable by brush, roller or a spatula.
  • Provides water vapor permeability, allowing the surface to breathe.
  • Environmental friendly – Free of bitumen, isocyanates and solvents


Applications Area

Protection, repair, restoration and waterproofing of the following surface and areas:
  • Concrete floor slabs and roofs.
  • Balconies and terraces.
  • Small horizontal movement joints.
  • As a flexible coating of roofs.
  • Protection of Polyurethane Foam Insulation.
  • Waterproofing of Wet Areas (under-tile) in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, auxiliary rooms, etc.



Apply Aquazero, ready-to-use, evenly and completely enclosed in one or two layers, manually with a roller or brush. Spread or pour in lanes directly on the surface and subsequently spread through a short pile roller (roller for epoxy/polyurethane paints). The second layer is applied after complete drying of the first layer. It is highly recommended to apply the second layer on the next day. Furthermore, it can be applied with a flat trowel for horizontal surfaces. In particularly crack-prone or other problem areas, like wall floor connections, 90° angles, chimneys, pipes and waterspouts (siphon), the application of the geotextile FABRIC, soaked and saturated in Aquazero, in the first wet layer, is recommended. Press FABRIC firmly with a roller. The second layer is applied over FABRIC, after complete drying of the first layer. In order to increase the adhesion of the tile adhesive, usage of quartz by spreading to Aquazero is highly recommended.

Coverage: Indicatively: 0.27 – 0.31 lb/ft2 (1.3 – 1.5 kg/m2 ) in one or two layers, in approx. 0.04’’ (1 mm) thickness. Recommended coverage, in total, 0.53 – 0.61 lb/ft2 (2.6 – 3 kg/m2 ) (without the use of FABRIC).