Akfix Metal Glossy Effect Spray Paint - White -400ml

Akfix Metal Glossy Effect Spray Paint - White -400ml

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Gives a long-term look similar to polished chrome and gold to smooth surfaces. Not weather-resistant. Not resistant to abrasion, therefore not suitable to spray on objects for daily use. (RAL 9010)


  • High-grade acrylic quality
  • Resistant to water and common household cleansers.
  • Effect of gloss can change by intense rubbing or wiping.
  • Colour of contents similar to cap
  • Very good coverage
  • Very high gloss
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good flow, smooth surface
  • Quick-drying (The drying time depends on surrounding temperature, air humidity and thickness of the applied coat).

Applications Area

  • Suitable for all smooth surfaces like metal, wood, glass and many coatable plastics.
  • Indispensable for constructors of fair booths, decorators, florists etc., but also for handicrafts at home, in courses and seminars.

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