Machinist Hammer 300 gr RH 4712

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-Drop forged polished steel head for maximum strength and durability for a lifetime of hard work
-Non-slip rubber grip handle provides a firm, non-slip grip which allows superior driving and impact absorption
-Shock absorbing fiberglass core handle
-Head-to-handle joint design is a non-detachable epoxy resin that remains resilient to wearing
-Handle coated with polypropylene grip for additional comfort
-Optimal weight distribution for better performance
-Durable, resistant, long lasting tool for different kinds of applications

Ronix Machinist Hammers: Expert in Hammering!

The diversity you can find in Ronix tools (in this case, the hammers) is not comparable with another tool manufacturer. Ronix Machinist Hammers series includes 7 high-quality and professional hammers ranging from 100gr to 1500gr in weight. 

Ronix RH-4710 to RH-4716 Machinist Hammers use shock-absorbing fiberglass core handle and also drop-forged polished steel head to guarantee the maximum strength and durability. To be applicable for different applications, these durable machinist hammers’ handles are coated with polypropylene.


Model RH-4712
Handle Material Fiberglass
Weight 300 gr
Type Machinist Hammer
Head Material Forged Carbon steel

Detailed Description Machinist Hammer 300 gr

Which invention has mankind advanced the most? Many think of fire and the process of starting it. Others call the wheel. We want to add another candidate: the hammer. Undoubtedly, the hammer is not just a tool, it’s more than this. You won’t get what it means unless you use Ronix RH-4710 to RH-4716 Machinist Hammers. These hammers are not just for professionals, but you can easily pursue your various DIY activities at home.

The prefix “Ham” indicates stone or rock in Indo-European, and the boundaries between the tool types were fluid then as now. The difficulty was and is in securing the head and handle together. To solve this problem, Ronix head-to-handle joint design creates a wear-resilient tool by using non-detachable epoxy resin. Also, to strengthen the head, Ronix RH-4710 to RH-4716 Machinist Hammers are produced using drop-forged polished steel to be durable as long as possible. Other than that, the non-slip rubber grip handle provides a firm, non-slip grip that allows superior driving and impact absorption.

Ronix RH-4710 to RH-4716 Machinist Hammers’ head has a smooth surface. You should make the weight dependent on the intended use. With RH-4714, RH-4715 & RH-4716 you are well served, but if you only need the hammer for occasional do-it-yourself work, a lighter head will do. The smooth and cleanly chamfered head of Ronix RH-4710 to RH-4716 Machinist Hammers brings the highest possible service life.

Another imperative factor in a machinist hammers’ performance, is its weight; the weight of a hammer is proportionally related to its size. Ronix Machinist Hammers series includes 7 high-quality and professional hammers ranging from 100gr to 1500gr in weight. Obviously, the size is synonymous with the weight. The more force needs to be imposed, the heavier the hammer must be. Moreover, to offer its extraordinary quality and performance, Ronix produces all its machinist hammers with considering optimal weight distribution.



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