Libra Adjustable Wrench RH-2404

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-Drop forged, high grade steel ensures strength and durability
-Advanced design combines functionality with convenience
-High resistanace hardened jaw ensures perfect performance in high pressure situations
- Special fatigue-free ergonomic design, provides perfect gripping in long hours of working
-Drop forged, high resistant handle secures long lasting usage 
-High-quality precise adjustable jaw design accelerate gripping of many fastener sizes
-Corrosion resistant satin chrome finishing results in anti-corrosion protection and accelerates cleaning
-Easy to turn knurls helps to adjust jaw width smoothly in order to grip a wide range of fastener sizes tightly
-laser scales in mm and inch on both sides
-Meets ANSI standard

Maximum Gripping Force

Owning a set of fixed wrenches and spanners sounds practical and exciting but having to constantly change wrenches during work is something that can become frustrating over time. This is why adjustable wrenches have been invented; they allow the users to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts with various sizes. With the Ronix Libra Series Adjustable Wrenches, you become needless of fixed wrenches which saves space in your toolbox for more practical tools. Alongside space, you will also save a lot of time, as you spend less time changing between different sizes of spanners you have to find the right one for your work. Ronix Libra Series Adjustable Wrenches are made of high-grade steel for more strength and durability. Their highly resistant hardened jaws are designed to perform well in high pressure situations. To help the users in more precise applications, mm and inch scales are engraved on both sides of these adjustable wrenches with laser


Model RH-2404
Product Dimensions 12inch/300mm
Thickness of head 19.0mm
Max. opening 38.1mm
Head width 77mm

Detailed Description Libra Adjustable Wrench RH-2401

Not being affected to wear and tear is something that every person who needs a hand tool has in his or her mind when choosing what tool to buy. Libra Adjustable Wrenches are made of drop forged and high-grade steel which ensures the tool’s strength and durability. The jaws of an adjustable wrench are the most important part of it, since they are directly engaged with various workpieces. Because of this, Ronix Adjustable Wrenches’ jaws (both the movable and the fixed jaw) are high resistance and hardened to perform perfectly in high pressure situations and heavy-duty applications. There is a difference in thickness of these jaws; their tips are usually narrower than their ends. This difference in thickness has a clever reason behind it. The tapered design allows the users to work with Ronix Adjustable Wrenches on tight places where usual open-end wrenches with bulky jaws cannot access.

In order to make them more practical in precise applications, the jaws of our adjustable wrenches have been engraved with both millimeter and inch scales by lasers on two sides. To smoothly adjust the width of these wrenches, they are equipped with easy to turn knurls in order to grip a wide range of sizes of fasteners tightly.

To handle various fasteners with different dimensions, Ronix Libra Series Adjustable Wrenches are produced in 5 sizes; 6″ (155mm), 8″ (205mm), 10″ (250mm), 12″ (300mm) and 15″ (375mm). You don’t know which size to choose? Well, based on the range of work you usually do, you can know which size suits your needs best. If you are an engineer working with electronic machines, the Ronix 6″ and 8″ wrenches are more suitable for you. But if you are a mechanic working with cars, the larger sizes will cover your needs better.

If you usually work continuously and for long hours with an open-end wrench, you will definitely find the ergonomic design of our wrenches handle extremely useful. This design removes hand fatigue and enables you to have a perfect gripping experience and work with more comfort. The handle is also drop forged and high resistance to secure long lasting usages.

The advanced design of our adjustable wrenches is a combination of functionality and convenience. And that is what makes working with these outstanding hand tools enjoyable. To top it all, Ronix Libra Adjustable Wrenches are coated with a corrosion-resistant satin chrome which results in more protection and easier cleaning of the tool.

To sum it up, having a Ronix Libra Series Adjustable Wrench will save you a lot of time, space and effort as it is more practical than a set of fixed wrenches and also takes less space in your toolbox.



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