Socket Set 40 pcs – RH-2641

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40-Piece set, designed with superior materials for increased torque and unique hardness
-High strength chrome vanadium steel sockets provide high torque for greater turning power paired with a mirror chrome finish that provides resistance against rust and corrosion
-Allen hex bit tips are precisely machined to ensure accurate sizing with beveled, chamfered ends for easy and smooth insertion that protects both bits and fasteners from damaged edges
-Sockets and extensions remain locked onto the drive until disengaged with an easy-to-reach, quick-release button
-Ratchet handle is ergonomically designed with an easy-to-use, thumb operated reverse-switch mechanism
-Compatible usage with hand wrenches and ratchet handles
-Reduce slipping on frozen or rusted fasteners
-A complete set includes different sizes of bits plus hand wrench and rachet handle 
-Metal case for easy identification and storage

This is a set to rock your world!

Ronix Socket Set RH-2641 is a strongly-designed hand tool to provide a great deal of protection, comfort and variety. There are 34 sockets in different sizes and shapes and will help you not to end up in tool shops after accepting each new task, save your time and energy! Ronix socket set RH-2641 is a hyper-resistance hand tool against any probable rust and corrosion due to the mirror-chromed pieces. The curved rachet of 2641 is an ergonomically- designed one which is easy-to-use and thumb-operated. It also has a reverse-switch mechanism to ease working for the operators. Using this set, you will never slip on frozen or rusted fasteners. These are only some of this hand tool’s cool features.


Model RH-2641
Socket Sizes&Accessories 9Pcs x 1/4"Dr Socket 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 mm9Pcs x 1/4"Dr Socket 3/16-7/32-1/4-9/32-5/16-11/32-3/8-7-16-1/29Pcs x 3/8" Dr Socket 9-10-11-12-13-14-16-17-19mm7Pcs x 3/8" Dr Socket 3/8-7/16-1/2-9/16-5/8-11/16-3/41 Pcx 3/8" Dr spark plug 16mm1Pc x 3/8" Dr extension bar 3"1Pc x 3/8" curved ratchet handle1 x 1/4" spinner handle
Material Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
Supplied In Metal box in Color Box

Detailed Description SOCKET SET 40 PCS – RH-2641

Ratchet and sockets:

Ronix Socket Set RH-2641 is an intelligently-designed, complete set including different sizes of bits, a hand wrench and a curved ratchet handle. These sockets include 9 pieces of 1/4Dr from 4 to 12mm, 9 pieces of 1/4Dr, 9pieces of 3/8Dr varying from 9 to 19mm and 7 pieces of 3/8Dr in various sizes to help you effectively finish your tasks on your worksite. To increase the torque and unique hardness of the tool, this set is made up of a superior CR-V material. This high-strength chrome vanadium provides a great turning power. All the pieces are mirror-chromed so the resistance against rust and corrosion has incredibly increased. You can use these sockets for both hand wrenches and ratchet handles. The curved ratchet handle is easy-to-use and thumb-operated. It also has a reverse-switch mechanism to enable you to work with the tool without taking your hands off again and again. To ensure the accurate sizing with beveled, chamfered ends for simple and smooth insertion that protects both bits and fasteners from damaged edges, Allen hex bit tips are precisely machined for the sockets. Another great feature of this hand tool is that, there is no chance of any disengaging unless you would like it to happen using the quick-release button placed on the ratchet to release the socket or extensions. You wouldn’t also slip on frozen or rusted fasteners with Ronix Socket Set RH-2641. Work smoothly and enjoy the process!


Ronix Socket Set RH-2641 is a brilliant set for those who want the best quality and easiness. Despite the 3/8 curved ratchet, you will get a spark plug 3/8 Dr, 16mm which is one of the greatest and most useful bits you can have in your collection. You will also get 3 extension bars of 3/8Dr so you can even use your old sockets using these extensions. There is also a spinner handle of 1/4 to help you do your tasks smoothly and without much difficulties.

Ronix Socket Set RH-2641 comes in a portable metal box in color box, you will be amazed by seeing the glory of this wonderful box! You will find all you would need in this box including 34 sockets, 3 extension bars, a spinner handle and a curved ratchet handle!

Ronix Socket Set RH-2641 with its CR-V material and mirror-chromed are designed to resist rust and corrosion. The extension bars and the spark plug are also added to the collection to meet your needs and worksite requirement. The combination of comfort and variety is always enjoyable, just give it a try!