Ronix Hydraulic Garage Jack, 3 Ton RH-4912

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- The hydraulic technology makes lifting simple, while a wider frame and internal bypass valve ensure safety.
-Safety bypass system prevents overloading and ensures safe operation.
-Steel casters for longevity
-Special quality design: polished and treated cylinder rams use high-performance seats. Polished inner cylinder walls extend the life of the seals to minimize abrasion and wear
-Compact design allows use in confined spaces and Easily
fits under low vehicles
-Steel frame construction for maximum durability and longer life
-Rear swivel casters For easy maneuvering

Do All the Heavy Liftings Yourself!

Does your garage or workshop need a reliable and robust tool for lifting heavy loads? Ronix Tools provides a variety of different jacks. The Ronix RH-4912, a 3-ton garage jack is ideal for lifting heavy objects, including vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. It can easily help you with heavy-duty lifting tasks. This jack has a durable construction and operates smoothly, making it the perfect tool for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts who work with vehicles

Hydraulic Garage Jack, 3 Ton_details


Model RH-4912
3 Ton
Garage Jack
Min Height 130mm
Lifting Height 465mm
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Net Weight

Detailed Description 

This garage jack is suitable for heavy-duty lifting because it works reliably and with precision. It has a sturdy construction, is easy to use, and can be a necessity in any professional or car enthusiast’s workshop.

Ronix RH-4912, 3-ton Garage Jack:

The Ronix RH-4912, a 3-ton garage jack, can easily and smoothly lift most vehicles. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, this garage jack is an excellent investment. Read the guide to learn more about this versatile jack.


This floor jack has a minimum height of 130 mm, which allows it to easily be placed under any car or truck. Its maximum lifting height is 465 mm, making it ideal for lifting vehicles high enough to be worked on. RH-4912 has a smooth lifting mechanism due to the hydraulic system, which makes it easy to use.


This device is designed to work robustly and to have good durability. The body is made of high-quality materials that can bear heavy loads and resist wear and tear. Steel casters on wheels increase the tool's longevity. The handle has a steel frame construction for maximum durability, and it comes with a positive locking safety mechanism. This strong body can handle working on rough surfaces.


The net weight of this jack is 27.4 kg, which makes it a stable and durable tool that can handle heavy loads with ease.   


Ronix RH-4912 comes in a colorful Ronix box, which is a beautiful packing and keeps the tool safe while transporting.

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