Ronix Rubber Hammer-250gr RH-4730

Ronix Rubber Hammer-250gr RH-4730

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-Hammer head is made of high-quality rubber Material with  good elasticity and wear resistance 
-High-strength fiber glass handle with non-slip rubber grip help absorb vibration
-Rubber head delivers  softened strike and does not damage the surface
-Head-to-handle joint design is a non-detachable epoxy resin for Increase durability
-Reinforced head and handle in order to increase longlife
-Optimal weight distribution for better performance
- Ideal for sheet metal forming, automotive work, carpentry, tile setting, maintenance, construction, flooring installing 

One of the essential tools for DIY tight fitting of objects is a rubber hammer. Ronix Tools can happily help you find the best workshop equipment you need. Having a comfortable and reliable rubber hammer ensures no cracks or harm to your surfaces. Ronix RH-4730 rubber hammer is one of the best hand tools, ideal for beginners and professionals. The high-quality rubber material is used at the head of the hammer, which ensures good elasticity and wear resistance. Ronix RH-4730 can be used on a variety of surfaces. Beginners and professionals can feel the proper weight distribution, which is highly effective in different appliances.

Model RH-4730
Head Material Rubber
Hand Material
Head diameter
Head length
Handle length

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Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4730 rubber hammer is one of the best high-quality, high-performance tools necessary for professional and amateur workers. This rubber hammer will be the solution to many of your problems, and it ensures no surface is damaged.

Ronix RH-4730, 250 g Rubber Hammer:

Ronix RH-4730 rubber hammer is one of the best rubber hammers on the market. Discover more about this reliable tool in our guide below.


The high-quality rubber material is used in the Ronix RH-4730 rubber hammer to ensure good elasticity and stronger wear resistance. This ensures that there will be no damage to the surfaces after use.


A strengthened fiberglass handle with a non-slip mechanism helps with vibration absorption.


The reinforced head and handle guarantee the durability and high performance of the rubber hammer. The head-to-handle joint is designed with non-detachable epoxy resin to further increase the lifetime of the tool. Ronix RH-4730 has a good balance due to optimal weight distribution.


Ronix RH-4730 rubber hammer is packaged in a safe, durable, and colorful case, designed by Ronix to ensure that it can be easily brought to any place and is ready to use by anyone.

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