Ronix Socket Set 24 pcs RH-2644

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24-Piece set, designed with superior materials for increased torque and unique hardness
-High strength chrome vanadium steel sockets provide high torque for greater turning power paired with a mirror chrome finish that provides resistance against rust and corrosion
-Allen hex bit tips are precisely machined to ensure accurate sizing with beveled, chamfered ends for easy and smooth insertion that protects both bits and fasteners from damaged edges
-Sockets and extensions remain locked onto the drive until disengaged with an easy-to-reach, quick-release button
-Ratchet handle is ergonomically designed with an easy-to-use, thumb operated reverse-switch mechanism
-Compatible usage with hand wrenches and ratchet handles
-Reduce slipping on frozen or rusted fasteners
-A complete set includes different sizes of bits plus hand wrench and ratchet handle 
-Metal case for easy identification and storage

A set to set your happy mode!

A lot of people are still trying to get their works done by using so many sizes of wrenches! Well, we can offer them the best quality ones but still want them to rethink! There are always easier ways than that. Our practical Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 is ready to show you convenience and fastness. The ergonomically-designed ratchet handle of the socket set with its reverse-switch mechanism will make your tasks as easy as ABC. Despite the simple use of this hand tool, we have considered the durability of the hand tool using the mirror chrome so it can provide a great deal of protection against any probable rust and corrosion


Model RH-2644
Socket Sizes & Accessories 18x Red line socket => 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-27-30-32 mm1 x speed handle 1 x sliding T handle 1 x universal joint 2 x extension bar => 5" & 10" 1 x 1/2" curved Ratchet handle
Material Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
Supplied In Metal box in Color Box

Detailed Description SOCKET SET 24 PCS RH-2644

Ratchet and sockets:

Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 is a wonderful set of red line sockets, different kinds of handles and a curved ratchet handle to give you the maximum efficiency. This 24-piece set is designed with superior CR-V material to increase the torque and unique hardness of the tool. Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 is an intelligently-designed set for those who want to experience utter comfort. In this set, you’ll get red line sockets varying from 10 to 32mm to serve you well on your worksite. The sockets are all made of high-strength chrome vanadium to provide a greater turning power. They have also been mirror-chromed to provide the maximum resistance against rust and corrosion. These sockets are compatible with both hand wrenches and ratchet handles. The Allen hex bit tips of the sockets are precisely machined to ensure the accurate sizing with beveled, chamfered ends for easy and smooth insertion that protects both bits and fasteners from damaged edges.  The curved ratchet handle 1/2 is an ergonomically designed hand tool to help the operators enjoy the easiness resulted from the easy-to-use, thumb-operated reverse-switch mechanism. Using this reverse-switch, you can easily rotate the ratchet and that would be a revolutionary feature. You might be concerned about the disengagement of sockets and extensions, you should know that there is no chance of any disengaging expect the times you decide to release the socket or extensions using the quick-release button placed on the ratchet. We have also minimized the slipping on frozen or rusted fasteners so you can smoothly keep the tasks going. Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 will be there for you in any challenge!


Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 is an intelligently-designed set for those who look for perfection and comfort at the same time. You will get a speed handle as well as your ratchet and sockets. You can then easily turn your circular hand power into a strong straight one. You will also get a sliding T-handle which helps you enter the minimum power and get the maximum power out of it. If you are concerned with the lack of space to move freely around the workpiece, the universal joint might come handy because that would be the greatest helper for crooked hand power to be turned into the straight one. You will also get 2 extension bars in 2 sizes of 5 and 10 so you can choose the appropriate drive sizes easily. You will also get a hand wrench which can be used in case you needed it and that would make things so much easier and the options much more exciting!

Take Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 seriously because that is a real professional hand tool! You can get it in a metal box in color box to have both protection and portability. You will have all your 18 sockets, speed handle, sliding T-handle, universal joint, 2 extension bars and ratchet handles all in this magic box!

Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 is an intelligently-designed set for those who want to fulfill all their possible needs. The CR-V material in combination with the mirror chrome have caused a superior resistance against rust and corrosion. You can trust Ronix Socket Set RH-2644 in frozen fasteners, in tight workpieces or various sizes of them, because you will get all the things you might one day need!


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